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Faith and hope are two solid companions to lead and guide us through life and its many trials.

Diverse Paths of Worship

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Religious Practices

Ministerios Casa De Oración is a passionate community of devotees committed to conveying the love and teaching of Jesus Christ to the world. We strive to create an inclusive and inviting atmosphere for people of all classes and statuses, which would help them worship and grow spiritually together.

The primary intent of our services is to encourage and motivate individuals. Therefore, we provide an area for spiritual revival and relationship with God. If you are looking for a place to belong, pursuing answers to life’s most significant queries, or wanting to connect with people of the same faith, we invite you to join us. Let’s learn more profoundly about God’s love and intent for our lives together.

Loving God, helping others and serving the world

Seasonal Celebrations

We get together to praise the charm of every season with uplifting services, festive adornments, and gratifying harmony. From Easter's rejuvenating fun to Christmas's message of hope, our seasonal celebrations represent the essence of devotion and conformity in Christ.

Prayer and Healing Circle

At Ministerios Casa De Oración, our Prayer and Healing Circle offers a holy space where people gather to intervene for each other's necessities and experience the soothing existence of God. We believe in the possibility of spiritual rehabilitation and physical recovery through the strength of collaborative prayer and belief.
Our Mission


Spreading God's love, fostering spiritual growth, and serving our community with compassion and generosity

Sunday Worship

Join us for our weekly glorification services, where we praise and worship God through music, prayer, and sermonizing His Word.

Full Meditation

Engage yourself in a haven of serenity during our midweek meditation sessions at Ministerios Casa De Oración, where souls discover reassurance and minds get calm in the sight of God.

Our Purpose


Sacred Group

Join our sacred group at Ministerios Casa De Oración, where devotees unite in fellowship, support, and spiritual growth to develop a profound relationship with God and each other.

Harm Hymns

Gather in peace as we lift our voices in religious songs to honor God and find comfort in our hymns’ timeless tunes.


Parishioners about us

We began to gather in church (House of Prayer Ministries) There the Lord touched our hearts, it was time to change our wrong direction, my husband accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in his heart. In that process, God gave us the miracle of allowing us to get legally married, which made us see that nothing is impossible for God. Since then every day we are in communion with the Lord. We believe that, just as God had mercy on us and has provided us with the impossible, so God will do with you in any need you have, God can change you or provide for you according to your need because there is nothing impossible for God. God bless you!