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Recreation for Kids

Fostering Spiritual Growth and Joyful Learning with Recreation for Kids

Welcome to Ministerios Casa De Oración, where we aim to nurture spiritual development and optimistic learning experiences for our youngest fellows through our Recreation for Kids program.

Engaging Activities for Every Kid

Our Recreation for Kids program is organized to deliver a fostering atmosphere where minors can learn and have joy in a secure and corroborating community. Every Sunday, our kids have the opportunity to showcase their aptitudes and participate in front of the congregation before attending classes. This plays a crucial role in encouraging their confidence and enables them to comprehend the significance of using their talents to praise God.

Biblical Values in Action

Every life counts in our myriad and inclusive society. People of every class and status are welcome here, regardless of background or circumstance. We consider every individual uniquely worthwhile and deserving of love, esteem, and endorsement.


Fun-filled Learning

At Ministerios Casa De Oración, we have faith in the strength of play. This is why our recreational activities are developed to be both educational and delightful. From painting sessions to interactive games, kids have the chance to explore their creativity and make everlasting friendships with their fellows.

Shaping Future Leaders

We comprehend the significance of investing in the future generation. Therefore, we strive to empower our youths by offering a holistic strategy for education and spiritual evolution that would prepare them to become leaders one day. We firmly believe that these young leaders will positively influence their families, societies, and beyond.

Join Us

If you are in pursuit of a place where your youngster can evolve spiritually, make friends, and have joy, Ministerios Casa De Oración should be your go-to place. Join us and let’s journey together in nurturing the hearts and minds of our kids, applying a concrete basis for a brilliant and hopeful future.