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About Us


Finding Faith Amidst Adversity

The Story of Ministerios Casa De Oración

Ministerios Casa De Oración was founded on July 12, 2020, and emerged during the hard time of the pandemic. Amidst global unrest and uncertainty, 17 individuals gathered with dedicated belief, recognizing God's sovereignty. Our group found comfort and fortitude in worshiping as we acknowledge God as the most incredible shelter. Our commitment to God is our utmost priority, which drives us to spread His devotion to others.

What we do

Keep strengthening your faith

Nurturing Belief, Cultivating Community

The Vision of Ministerios Casa De Oración

At Ministerios Casa De Oración, we are devoted to nurturing a society where people can grow together in their belief journey and collectively reach lives for Christ. Established on love, kindness, and service principles, our ministry strives to create a supporting atmosphere where devotees can deepen their connection with God and each other. Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to empower individuals to live out their beliefs authentically and influence the world around them for Christ.

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What people say

We began to gather in church (House of Prayer Ministries) There the Lord touched our hearts, it was time to change our wrong direction, my husband accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in his heart. In that process, God gave us the miracle of allowing us to get legally married, which made us see that nothing is impossible for God. Since then every day we are in communion with the Lord. We believe that, just as God had mercy on us and has provided us with the impossible, so God will do with you in any need you have, God can change you or provide for you according to your need because there is nothing impossible for God. God bless you!